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Introducing the Easiest Way for Homeowners to Eliminate Toxic, High-Interest Debt

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We’re excited to announce the launch of a groundbreaking feature that transforms how homeowners drowning in high interest debt can use their home equity to hit the reset button and break free. Our mission has always been to empower homeowners to achieve financial independence. Now, we’re taking a leap forward in making that mission a reality.

House Numbers now shows you exactly how much you can save each month by eliminating your high interest debt with a pre-qualified home equity loan or line of credit offer. Using just a few pieces of information — home address, email, phone number, birthday, and gross income — we unlock a world of money-saving opportunities for you, all with just a few clicks.

It’s about providing clarity and control over your financial future by showing you the tangible benefits of using your home equity wisely.

House Numbers

🏦 A homeowner with $50,000 in credit card debt at 22.8% interest would save over $1,000/mo and $62,000 in the first five years by paying it off using a home equity loan at 9%.

How It Works

There is no better way to access your home equity for paying down debt than you will find at House Numbers.

Input your basic information

Start by providing your address, email, gross income, phone number, and date of birth on our secure platform.

We fetch your data – securely and with NO impact to your credit score

Using cutting-edge technology, we automatically fetch your credit score, outstanding debt balances, interest rates, and minimum monthly payments, home value, and mortgage information. We calculate your CLTV, calculate your DTI, and build a complete and personalized financial profile for you.

Get pre-qualified

Based on your profile, we instantly pre-qualify you for the best home equity loan or HELOC offer available from our lender partners, tailored to your financial goals.

See your savings

We present a clear, easy-to-understand breakdown of how consolidating debt with a home equity product can lower your interest rates and monthly payments, putting you on the fast track to financial freedom.

Apply with confidence

To be direct, we don’t show fake teaser rates. We show pre-qualified offers available to you at the time, that incorporate your detailed debt data. Whether you prefer to apply entirely online, or speak with one of our NMLS-licensed home equity advisors, our process is streamlined and transparent.

Why Choose House Numbers?

At House Numbers, we believe in financial empowerment for homeowners:

  • Free up extra cash: See how much you could save every month, so you can hit the reset button and get some much-needed breathing room.
  • Lower interest costs: Make informed decisions about your debt consolidation strategy by seeing see how much you could lower your interest rate, compared to expensive credit card and personal loan debts.
  • Save time: We crunch your House Numbers and shop different lenders and loan products, so you don’t have to. Eliminate the guesswork and lengthy processes.
  • Get clarity: Understand exactly how and why using your home equity can benefit your financial health.

Find the best way to unlock home equity

Inflation, the Pandemic, and an Economic Crisis for American Homeowners

As a result of the pandemic, inflation, and the recent economic downturn, millions of homeowners are struggling. The New York Federal Reserve recently reported that credit card balances increased by $50 billion to $1.13 trillion at the end of 2023, the highest in at least 20 years. Plus, about 8.5% of credit card balances and 7.7% of auto loans transitioned into delinquency.

Also according to the Fed, as recently as 2021 the average interest rates on credit card balances were 16.45%. Today, they are 22.75%. On a total balance of $25,000, the minimum payment would cost almost $150 more each and every month.

Your Home, Your Wealth, Your Freedom – Take the First Step Today

At House Numbers, your financial independence is our mission. We’re excited to offer this innovative solution to homeowners.

This isn’t just another financial tool—it’s your pathway to reducing debt, saving money, and achieving the financial freedom you deserve. We’re here to support you every step of the way, from exploring your options to making the changes necessary to build wealth from your home.

Ready to unlock the potential of your home equity and transform your financial landscape? Check out our new tool today and discover how easy it is to take control of your financial future.

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Jeff Levinsohn

Written By Jeff Levinsohn

Jeff is the CEO of House Numbers and a home wealth management geek. He’s obsessed with tools and information that empower homeowners to save money, access their home equity, and build long-term wealth.