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Use your home equity to save $100s every month

  • Eliminate toxic debt
  • Find the lowest rate
  • Save thousands in interest

Credit score of 640+ needed to qualify.
It's free and will not affect your credit score.

Over $1 Billion

home equity available to current House Numbers clients

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Let's hit the reset button on your debt

A home equity loan helps you pay off high interest debt and may reduce your interest rate by 70% or more*

Average interest rate

Home equity loan
Credit cards
Personal loans
Payday loans

*Based on data from the U.S. Federal Reserve, Bankrate, Forbes and Fortune (Aug-Nov 2023)

Home equity is usually the cheapest way to access cash

Home EquityCredit CardPersonal loan
Balance$50,000Interest Rate
Monthly Payment
5-Year Total Paid
Estimated Savings

amount paid vs credit card over the first five years


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Streamline your finances using your home equity

  • Save money every month
  • Pay the lowest rate
  • Access more cash
  • Fixed rate and payment
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Only one monthly payment

How it works


Check your savings

In 3 minutes see how much you'll save. No obligation, cost or impact to your credit score.


Complete your application

100% online, or talk live with a real person. Your offer is personalized based on your unique situation, so apply with confidence.


Pay off your debt

Receive cash from your home equity, lower your monthly payments, and hit the reset button on high interest debt.

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Why House Numbers?

Find Your Best Product

Whether it's a HELOC, home equity loan, home equity investment, reverse mortgage, or cash-out refi, we cover them all.

Get Unbiased Advice

We're not a bank or a lender. We receive the same commission rate no matter which home equity loan you choose.

Save Time

We shop around multiple lenders so you don't have to! See your offer online in minutes, without any cost, obligation, or effect on your credit score.

Save Money

Get a personalized debt payoff plan, leveraging the best offer from our network of lenders, to save most money every month.

Home Equity

We keep your security in mind

It never hurts to check

We perform a soft credit check, which has no impact on your credit score.

Encrypted and secure

We use 256-bit encryption to keep your information safe.

We're serious about privacy

We never store your banking user names or passwords or sell your data.

We've helped homeowners discover their options to access over $1 billion in home equity

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After getting into some credit card debt, House Numbers showed me the best way to unlock my home equity and save more than $500 a month!

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House Numbers was the only service I found that offered me objective advice for how best to get rid of my high interest debt. Now, I feel free!

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