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Get cash from your home, track your home equity, never miss a refinance opportunity, and more!

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What are your House Numbers?

We assess your personalized home profile across 16 different types of opportunities and dozens of vendors. We then create your House Numbers, a home wealth management plan, with no obligation and no hidden fees. You're free to execute the plan yourself. Or, we can do it for you.

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How it works

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    Get started in minutes

    Sign up is quick and easy. Start with your home address, name, email, and key financial goals.

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    Complete your profile

    You'll then provide some finer details about your finances so that evaluate the best opportunities available for you.

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    Get your House Numbers

    Your home wealth management plan is delivered within a week. You can review it with us for free (or not); its your choice.

Save money, access cash and build wealth faster.

For 80% of households, our home is our largest asset — and largest cost. It represents more than fifty percent of our net worth. Housing costs are more than double any other household expense.

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Modern technology to optimize 16 aspects of your home wealth.

Home ownership is hard and it's getting more complicated. Refinance, home equity, home value, mortgage insurance, solar, energy efficiency, maintenance, taxes, improvements, home insurance, and more. The options are dizzying, and the opportunities change all the time.

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Save time and make smarter decisions.

It's hard to access unbiased expertise. Realtors, mortgage brokers, and financial advisors are experts whose interests aren't always aligned with yours. It's difficult for homeowners to understand the bigger picture without spending hours on research every month.

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We're crunching the numbers!

I was shocked at what I'd been missing. I quickly found the cheapest home equity loan - House Numbers even showed me which debt to pay off to save the most!

Summer S.

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After getting into some credit card debt, House Numbers showed me the best way to unlock my home equity and save more than $500 a month!

Jason H

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House Numbers was the only service I found that offered me objective advice for how best to get rid of my high interest debt. Now, I feel free!

Alison R.

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